default Neurophysiological data recorded at the Neural Computer Interaction Lab, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, (IIT), Italy. Popular

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This dataset has been prepared by Vito de Feo, Fabio Boi and Alessandro Vato and contains the data collected to test the VLSI-based state-dependent bidirectional brain-machine interface.
This dataset contains two recording sessions, J3 and S35 organized as following:
1) Data.streams
a. RawD  (Neural signals)
-data.streams.RawD.ts -> time stamps of the raw data -> 2D array [#channels x #samples] containing the recorded neural signals-data.streams.RawD.fs -> sampling frequency of the data stream
b.  Puls (Stimulation signals)
-data.streams.Puls.ts -> Time stamps of the stimulus -> 2D array [#stimuli x #samples] containing  the binary values for each stimulation pattern. Bin ‘1’ means that the relative stimulation is active.
-data.streams.RawD.fs -> sampling frequency of the stimulation trigger
2)  data.snips (Spike signals)
-data.snips.eNe1.ts -> Time stamps of the spike
-data.snips.eNe1.chan-> id of the electrode that recorded the spike in data.snips.eNe1.ts
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